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If your rights have been violated

The description and content of services offered for sale on the Generator Fans platform is user content. The conditions for the transfer of copyright to the results of work for a specific Work are indicated by the seller in each individual Work. Responsibility for the materials posted on the Generator Fans platform and for the compliance of services with the law lies with the user who put this service up for sale (Work). Generator Fans has no fundamental ability to check and ensure that all content uploaded by users does not violate anyone's copyright. At the same time, Generator Fans advocates for user compliance with laws and copyrights and is ready to cooperate with copyright holders if any of the users violate them. Therefore, if you believe that any Work (or part of the content) violates your copyright or other rights and laws, please let us know via the feedback form.

If your complaint is justified, we will immediately take action: we will delete or block the Work that violates your rights, as well as, if necessary, the account of the seller of this Work.

In order for us to take measures to eliminate the violation as quickly as possible, please provide the following:

  1. Identify the subject matter protected by copyright (protected by intellectual property law);
  2. Send a scanned copy of a document confirming your right: certificate, patent or another document;
  3. Provide the basis on which you are authorized to protect this right (owner, representative);
  4. Provide a specific link to the material (Work, text, images, file, etc.) that violates your rights;
  5. Provide the login or logins of users who, in your opinion, are violators;
  6. Briefly describe how exactly the user(s) violate(s) your rights;
  7. Provide your contact information: name, email address, WhatsApp or phone number (it is better to indicate several contact methods in case of problems with one of them).

Based on this request, we will contact the specified user(s), notify him/her about the request and ask for clarification. If there is sufficient evidence of violation, we block or remove from the site materials that violate your rights, and, if necessary, block the user account. If the user has provided information on the basis of which he has the right to post these materials, we will notify you about this, ask the user for contact information and transfer it to you directly to discuss the situation. The material, in this case, may be temporarily blocked until the end of the proceedings or restored to the site. In all such cases, we will act in accordance with the applicable laws of your Country or the Country of the person whose copyright has been infringed.

If you are notified of copyright infringement

You must strictly follow the laws of your Country and post only information that does not violate the rights of third parties. If you knowingly or unknowingly violated the rights of the requester, the content you posted will be blocked or deleted. Also, if necessary, your account may be blocked. Then you resolve all issues directly with the person (company) who voiced the complaint.

If you believe that the material you posted on the site, which is indicated in the appeal, does not actually violate the rights of others, you must inform us about this, indicating the following:

  1. Your login on the site;
  2. Information about the disputed material (Work, content, file, image...);
  3. Arguments in defense of your position (documents about your rights to use this material or other documents and information);
  4. Contact information through which we or the person contacting you can contact you (name, email address, WhatsApp or phone number).

If the applicant cancels his claim or there is sufficient evidence of no violation, we may restore the blocked or deleted content or account.


If the infringement proceeds in court and Generator Fans becomes involved and suffers reputational or financial loss, you may be held liable for damages (including costs and attorneys' fees) in accordance with the Generator Fans Site User Agreement.

If you find a copyright violation, please contact us via the feedback form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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