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Services not available for posting on Generator Fans:

1.1. Tobacco products (including those intended for consumption by heating or evaporation), smoking accessories (including electronic cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, devices for heating tobacco or nicotine-containing liquids, vapes and consumables for them, pipes, any hookahs , cigarette paper) and any smoking mixtures.

1.2. Any alcoholic products.

1.3. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their derivatives, as well as any products for their use.

1.4. Financial and commodity pyramids, dubious methods of obtaining income or goods, as well as related training.

1.5. Psychotherapeutic and medical assistance, incl. ethnoscience:

  • treatment, interpretation of tests and preparation of prescriptions;
  • prescription of drugs and dietary supplements;
  • consultation on diseases;
  • drawing up and selling training and nutrition plans for medicinal purposes;
  • sale, description of the use of medications and dietary supplements, medicinal raw materials and devices for treatment.

1.6. Explosives and materials, weapons (including hunting, pneumatic, civilian, airsoft, paintball, souvenir and decorative), components for them, copies thereof; knives, with the exception of kitchen, pen and stationery knives.

1.7. Products for adults and sites 18+.

1.8. Gambling, sports betting and forecasts, lotteries, games based on risk or betting, including equipment for their implementation.

1.9. Preparation and writing of final qualifying works, scientific reports on the main results of prepared scientific qualification works (dissertations) and other works provided for by the state system of scientific certification or necessary for students to pass intermediate or final certification. Passing tests, passing exams for third parties.

1. 10. Any mention of minor children or persons under the age of majority in your Country.

1.11. Any reference, indirect or direct, to terrorism or physical violence.

2. Fraud, spam, any unauthorized advertising, as well as unfair competition and incorrect use of superlatives in the description of services.

3. Services that violate intellectual and copyright rights, including:

3.1. Illegal use of trademarks;

3.2. Violation of copyright or intellectual rights of services published by Generator Fans in the “Works” and “Project” sections, as well as other sections of the website.

4. Services that violate the rights of third parties. Including:

  • violating the rights of citizens to private life or public order;
  • violating moral and ethical standards;
  • violating the honor and dignity, rights and interests of other persons protected by the law of your Country.
  • services for collecting and transmitting information prohibited for distribution, including personal data.
  • creation and distribution of encryption devices and programs, technical means intended for wiretapping and other covert acquisition of information, as well as related documents.

5. Posting materials containing threats and insults that discredit other persons. Services or materials that contribute to inciting hatred or enmity, inciting religious, racial or ethnic hatred, political appeals, calls for violence.

6. Services related to extremist materials and items with Nazi symbols.

7. Astrology, magic. Including witchcraft, numerology, fortune telling, any types of rites, rituals and predictions, search and offer of work in this area, alternative medicine, sects and religious services.

8. Psychological and psychiatric assistance.

9. Collection services or debt closure services.

10. A service that has no value for the buyer. Including providing access to free services, selling free and open source programs, coupons and promotional codes.

11. Any services related to hacking and scam.

12. Services that are not provided online.

Changes to Services that are not available for posting on Generator Fans

We reserve the right to make changes to the Services that are not available for posting on Generator Fans. Any changes will be posted on our website indicating when this material was updated.

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