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Moderation rules

Moderation rules on

1. Moderation is carried out manually on a first-come, first-served basis

2. All new Works, as well as edited Works, are subject to moderation. If an error is found in an active Work, it can also be sent for moderation.

3. The Work moderation period may vary depending on the workload of the moderators and range from several minutes to several working hours (on weekends and holidays the moderation period may increase to several days).

4. As a result of moderation, Work is activated or rejected. If rejected, at the discretion of the administration, the reasons for the rejection may be indicated, after eliminating which, Work can be re-sent for moderation.

5. Materials from the List of Unsupported Services are not permitted to be published on the Generator Fans platform.

6. When registering Works, you must adhere to the following rules:

6.1. One Work must include only one service or several complementary services sold as a package. Services of different types must be registered as separate Works.

6.2. The service must be clearly described in English or translated into English, the text must be literate and free of errors.

6.3. The Work header should reflect the essence of the service.

6.4. The Work description should not contain conflicting information (for example, different volume indications in the description and in the Service Scope field).

6.5. The Work must clearly indicate the scope of services performed within the framework of 1 Work (1 service package).

6.6. Duplication of Works, as well as copying of other people's content is not allowed. A Work is considered a duplicate if it copies more than 70% of the content of another Work.

6.7. The image or video of Work must be thematic, illustrate the service or examples of work. The image or video must be of high quality:

  • the image is clear, unblurred;
  • all inscriptions are not cropped and are clearly readable even on the Work miniature;
  • there are no bright, “acid” colors, “hypnotic” backgrounds;
  • there are no indecent images (including any images that may be considered 18+, images of alcoholic beverages, weapons, violence, etc.);
  • the image does not contain contact information or watermarks.

6.8. It is prohibited to use the Generator Fans logo in the design of Work. Exceptions include examples of work.

6.9. Work is not permitted to post contact information, encourage the buyer to contact the seller before ordering, or otherwise purchase a service.

6.10. If the Work describes services that the buyer can order in addition to the main Work service, then they must be issued in the form of additional options in this Work.

6.11. Additional Work options should not duplicate the main service or other additional ones. options.

6.12. In some types of services (for example, Promotion in social networks), the seller must indicate in Work the guaranteed amount of work performed (the guaranteed number of subscribers, links, etc., remaining after the occurrence of various risk situations). This number must be at least 60% of the volume of services provided in Work.

6.13 In Work in which verification of the result is difficult, it must be clearly stated in what form the report will be provided. This clause does not apply to cases where the result can be presented, but the seller does not want to present it, but promises to provide indirect evidence of the work being completed.

6.14. In the description of Work, calls to leave a review, offers to complete Work for free, or indications of bonuses that cannot be issued through the system are not allowed. As a bonus, it is allowed to offer an increased volume of services within the same cost. Offering a review bonus is prohibited.

6.15. Work must be written in English or translated into English. The characters must be in Latin.

6.16. The Work category must exactly correspond to the main Work service.

6.17. Work does not allow offers to estimate the duration and cost of services. The deadline and cost of services are already indicated in Work.

7. Moderators have the right to edit Work, block or delete Work that violates the rules.

8. Project moderation is carried out similarly to Work moderation.

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