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Use of recommendations

Rules for the use of recommendation technologies

What are recommendations

Recommendations are tips that make our service more convenient and help users solve their problems faster and better. Recommendations are an integral part of the Internet and almost all online services offer them.

Why do you need recommendations on Generator Fans?

Generator Fans helps the user see the most relevant list of artists and services without having to search all over the Internet or select from a catalog.

How recommendations work

The algorithm analyzes the user's actions, and then, based on this information, the user is recommended services that best satisfy his needs.

We analyze many factors, including descriptions of the Contractor's services, which helps us choose the right contractor for you. The data used by the Generator Fans algorithms to decide whether to recommend a particular service to a user in the “Similar Services” or “Similar Projects” section or e-mail newsletter includes:

  • View Work;
  • Purchase Work;
  • Adding Work to “favorites”;
  • The buyer creates a task or project on the exchange.

How a user can influence recommendations

Users can influence recommendations through their behavior on the service, including clicks, activity time frames, ordering Works, or hiding Works from the catalog. In this case, the choice always remains with the user: he can follow the recommendations or ignore them, and can also unsubscribe from marketing mailings.

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