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How to Order a Service on «Generator Fans»

How to Order a Service on «Generator Fans»

How to Order a Service on «Generator Fans» - step by step guide

On the «Generator Fans» platform, we strive to provide maximum convenience and ease of ordering services for our customers. We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we have developed detailed instructions to make your order quick and easy and get the results you expect. Let's see how an order is made on our service:

  1. Registration and Login to your Personal Account: the first step is to register on our website if you are not already registered. If you already have an account, simply log in to your personal account.
  2. Search Services: after logging into your account, use the search or browse available services to find one that suits your needs. We offer a wide range of services for promotion in social media, as well as other areas.
  3. Selection of the Contractor: once you've found a service that suits you, look through the profiles of available performers. Check out their portfolio, reviews and prices to choose the most suitable contractor for your order.
  4. Top up your balance: if you have already previously decided on the price of your order, then before starting the order you need to top up your balance in any way convenient for you.
  5. Making an order: after choosing a contractor, proceed to placing your order. If you are required to fill out a technical specification, do not ignore it, it must be completed. This will help the contractor better understand your vision and successfully execute the deal. At the time of placing an order, the payment amount will be debited from your balance. This amount will be frozen until the task is completed and a report is provided to you.
  6. Discussion of Details: you can discuss additional details and clarifications with the selected contractor. The built-in communication system on the platform allows easy and convenient communication between the customer and the contractor.
  7. Progress Monitoring: as your order progresses, you can track your progress. Our goal is to give you complete control over the process and confidence in getting the results you want.
  8. Getting the Result: upon completion of the work, the contractor will provide you with the results of the order. Evaluate the work performed and, if satisfied, confirm completion of the order. After your confirmation, the frozen amount will be transferred to the contractor’s personal account.
  9. Leaving a Review: after completing the order, leave feedback about the work of the artist. Your reviews help other customers choose the best performers and ensure the quality of our service.

Expectations and Reality

When collaborating with performers on the GF platform, it is important to remember that they will fulfill the order based on what was agreed in the service description. Regardless of your ideas about how the final work should look, the contractor will adhere to the specifications and details described in the order.

This does not mean that the contractor is not prepared to make changes or improvements if necessary. However, it is important to remember that first and foremost he strives to provide you with the result that was described and discussed at the stage of placing the order.

To avoid misunderstandings and disagreements, it is recommended to carefully study the description of the service and discuss all details with the contractor before placing an order. Moreover, it is important to ask questions and clarify any unclear points to ensure that your expectations are fully met.

Resolution of disputes: the role of the administration as a guarantor

In case of disputes with a performer on the Gen Fans platform, the decision will be made by the administration of our service. As a guarantor, we strive to ensure a fair and effective resolution of any disagreements between the customer and the contractor.

The service administration carries out a thorough investigation of each controversial case, taking into account all the evidence provided and arguments of both sides. We are committed to fairness and transparency to ensure the satisfaction of everyone in our community.

When resolving disputes, our goal is to find the optimal solution that will satisfy both parties and respect the interests of the entire community. We are ready to act as a mediator and help the parties agree on a mutually beneficial solution.

If you encounter a problem or disagreement with the contractor, please contact our administration. We are ready to listen to you, analyze the situation and take the necessary measures to resolve the dispute. Our goal is to ensure peaceful and constructive cooperation between all participants on our platform.

Remember that communication and clear expression of your preferences are key elements to successful collaboration with artists. Be open to discussion and willing to collaborate, and together you will achieve your goals on the «GF» platform.

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