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Process of working at GF for performers, sellers and social media providers

Process of working at GF for performers, sellers and social media providers

process working at GF

A step-by-step process for working with Generator Fans for performers, sellers, social media providers, and producers

On the Generator Fans platform, we strive to provide a convenient and efficient experience for all members of our community. Our goal is to create an enabling environment where performers, sellers and service providers, as well as work producers, can grow their business and achieve success. Let's figure out how to work on the GenFans platform, step by step:

  1. Registration: The first step for all new members is the registration process on the GF platform. When registering, you must provide basic information about yourself and your activities. This includes filling out a profile, providing basic information about the services or work provided, and selecting the appropriate activity category.
  2. Verification: After completing registration, participants undergo a verification process. Verification is an important step that confirms the legitimacy and reliability of a participant on the platform. To pass verification, additional documents or demonstration work may be required to confirm the professionalism and quality of services or work.
  3. Posting a service or electronic product: after successful verification, participants can post their services or works on the platform. In this section, participants provide a detailed description of their services or work, indicate the price and conditions for fulfilling orders. It is important to present information in such a way that potential customers can easily familiarize themselves with the offer and make a decision on cooperation.
  4. Communication with customers: after posting a service or work, participants can communicate with potential customers. Questions about order details, price, lead time and other issues can be discussed through the built-in communication system on the platform. Clear and prompt communication helps establish trust with customers and ensure successful order fulfillment.
  5. Order execution: after agreeing on all the details of the order, the participants begin to complete it. This stage involves actively executing the service or work according to the customer's requirements and meeting deadlines.
  6. Provision of Guarantee: Upon completion of the order, participants undertake to provide guarantees of the quality of the work or service performed. This may include providing free corrections or additional services if the customer is dissatisfied.
  7. Withdrawal of Funds: After successful completion of the order, participants can request the withdrawal of earned funds. Withdrawals are possible after reaching a minimum amount of $50 and no earlier than 14 calendar days after completing the order.

Prohibition on contact with the customer outside the platform

It is important to note that participants of the Generator Fans platform are prohibited from establishing contact with the customer outside of our service. This policy not only ensures the safety of everyone involved, but also supports the principles of transparency and trust that are at the core of our community.

Direct communication with the customer outside of our platform may create risks for both parties: the customer and the contractor. This can lead to misunderstandings, incorrect agreements, or even fraud. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you always use the built-in communication tools on the platform for all issues and agreements.

In case of violation of this rule, the platform administration reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including blocking the violator’s account. This is done to ensure the safety and confidence of all participants in our service.

Resolving disputes: the role of the administration as a guarantor

In case of disputes between performers and customers on the Gen Fans platform, the decision will be made by the administration of our service. Our team acts as a guarantor and strives to ensure that any disagreements are resolved fairly and effectively.

The administration of our service conducts a thorough investigation of each controversial case, taking into account all the evidence provided and arguments of both sides. We are committed to compliance with our rules and policies, as well as fairness and ethics.

When resolving controversial situations, our task will be to find the optimal solution that will satisfy both parties and respect the interests of the entire community. This may include various measures such as refunds, compensation, correction of errors, or other actions aimed at achieving justice and satisfaction for both parties.

In addition, the administration of our service can act as a mediator in negotiations between the parties and help them reach a mutually beneficial resolution to the dispute.

Our goal is to ensure that all disagreements are resolved peacefully and constructively and to create an atmosphere of trust and respect in our community.

We encourage all platform participants to contact the administration in case of disputes and trust us to solve any problems. Our team is always ready to help and support you on the path to successful and harmonious cooperation on the GF platform.

Compliance with these rules will help create a favorable and safe environment for cooperation between performers and customers on the GF platform.

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