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«GF» verification for executors, sellers and social media providers

«GF» verification for executors, sellers and social media providers

verification for executors

Verification process at «Generator Fans» for executors, sellers and social media providers

At Generator Fans, we place special emphasis on the verification process of our artists, sellers and service providers, as well as work producers, to ensure a high level of trust and safety in our community. Verification is a key step to successfully participating in our platform and provides a number of benefits for our members.

Conditions for passing verification:

  1. Authenticity of information: participants must provide reliable information about themselves, their activities and the services they offer on the platform.
  2. Documentary evidence: some categories of participants may require documentary evidence, such as identification, proof of account ownership, etc., to confirm their legitimacy and professional skills.
  3. Quality check

The basis of verification for promotion in social media:

An important component of the verification process at Generator Fans is the authenticity of the work itself that the participant provides. We strive to provide a high level of quality and reliability of services on our platform, therefore the basis of verification is to verify the authenticity and professionalism of the work provided.

We will require participants to provide specific facts confirming the quality and originality of their work. This may include the provision of a screening demo assignment which will be assessed by our team of experts. Such a demo task will allow us to evaluate the skills and professionalism of the participant in real working conditions and verify the quality of the services provided by him.

This approach to verification will allow us to guarantee clients the level of quality of the services provided and establish trusting relationships between members of our community.

As a result of verification, participants will be able to benefit from increased visibility and access to special features on the GF platform.

Benefits after passing verification:

  1. Trust and reliability: passing verification confirms the professionalism and reliability of the participant, which increases trust on the part of clients and partners.
  2. Increased visibility: verified members receive increased visibility on the platform and can attract more customers due to their status.
  3. More opportunities: verified members can access special features and programs provided by Generator Fans, such as participation in promotions or exclusive offers.

Passing the GenFans verification is not only a mandatory step to participate in our community, but also a key advantage for achieving success and growing your business in the world of social media.

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