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Terms and pricing policy for scouters on “Generator Fans”

Terms and pricing policy for scouters on “Generator Fans”

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Conditions and pricing policy for scouters on the “Generator Fans” site

At Generator Fans, we strive to create conditions for successful and transparent work for scouters, which is why we have clear policies on pricing and guarantees. These conditions are mandatory for all Scouters working on our site.

  1. Competitive prices: We insist that the prices set by scouters on our platform are competitive and do not exceed market standards. We actively monitor prices on third-party resources and sites to ensure that our customers receive the best deals.
  2. Quality and Durability Guarantees: We require all Scouters to provide guarantees for the services provided through our platform. This includes a minimum guarantee period of one month after the model is hired by the agency. If a model leaves the agency before the deadline, the scouter undertakes to offer a replacement or pay damages.
  3. Up-to-date information: We require that the information provided by Scouters on our platform is always up-to-date and accurate. This includes information about available models, their portfolios, work experience and prices for services. We insist that customers can trust the information presented on our platform.
  4. Scouter Responsibility: We attach great importance to the responsibility of every Scouter on our platform. Scouters must be aware of the seriousness of their actions and the consequences they may entail. They are required to provide only accurate information about models and services, and to comply with the rules and policies of our platform. Violation of these rules may entail serious consequences, including account blocking.
  5. Dispute resolution: in case of disputes between the scouter and the client, our platform acts as a reliable guarantor. We offer a dispute resolution mechanism that allows the parties to reach a fair and mutually beneficial solution. Our team of professionals is ready to listen to both sides and help find a compromise solution that will satisfy all interests.

We are confident that these policies will help create favorable conditions for successful interactions between scouters, models and clients on Gen Fans. Join us today and start earning money by offering your services with maximum reliability and transparency!

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