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Guaranteed increase in members for your page on FetLife

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I will bring guaranteed 500+ members a week to your FetLife page.

I bring them from various social networks, using my own newsletter.

It is important that these are not bots, not people who join for money. These are your real fans.

If your account is new, the price will be more expensive, since it is more difficult to attract fans to new pages than to proven ones.

As with all fans, you must already have your own content and provide it for me, this content will be sent out to attract. I ask for details of the content individually, in correspondence. Be sure to provide access to statistics and install a special link.

Also, if you want to immediately earn money from them, you should already have 24/7 chat support and daily posting of new content to your subscribers.

Quantity: 500 members per week

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Instructions to Buyers (Required)
1. Access to statistics or link for maintaining statistics
2. Photo and video content of the model (both nude and non-nude)
3. Set up 24/7 chat support
4. Publish new content on your FetLife page daily
Delivery in 7 day(s)

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